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Below you’ll find a selection of my online articles, including my Telegraph Men column. To read the article, click on the date, marked in red.


To see articles I’ve written that have appeared in print, please go to my portfolio.

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Lucy Walker: Ascending without Limit

Tobias recounts the story of Lucy Walker, the first woman to climb the Eiger, Matterhorn and the Balmhorn - all in the mid 1800s


Gear Guide for running the Tour du Mont Blanc

In this issue, we followed Tobias Mews as he and his girlfriend, Zayne, fast packed Western Europe’s highest mountain and most iconic trail — the Tour du Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Want to experience it for yourself? From head to toe, here’s the running and trail gear you’ll need to get you there.


Lost in Via Ferrata

Whatever the weather, whatever the elements - Tobias Mews recounts a story where it proves that you can never bank on good weather, especially on a mountain


Finding Love on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Tobias Mews discovers love whilst fast-packing the Tour du Mont Blanc with his girlfriend


Running Britain’s Oldest Footpath

The Ridgeway Trail is one of the United Kingdom’s 15 national trails, laying claim to being Britain’s oldest road. For more than 5,000 years, travelers, soldiers, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and farmers have used this path — one that today stretches across 87 miles, rich in culture and history. Join Tobias Mews as he celebrates the trail’s tranquility and beauty.


Cycling from London to Brussels in Torrential Rain

When Tobias Mews and his girlfriend decided to cycle from London to Brussels in 48hrs, they got more than they bargained for


The UK Wife Carrying Championships are a right carry-on

Tobias Mews gets to grips the UK Wife Carrying Championships.


Race The Train: The cross-country race that lets you get sweet revenge on all those trains you’ve missed

Tobias Mews take on the train at the iconic Race the Train even in North Wales


Ridgeway ultra marathon: Run 100km to ancient stones for a primeval high

Tobias Mews takes on an ultra marathon in the heat in the inaugural Race to the Stones


Ultra marathon tips: It’s all in the head

Most runners who reach the end of a marathon quickly conclude they couldn’t take another step. So stepping up to an ultra marathon – which is, strictly speaking, anything further than 26.2 miles – can seem a daunting prospect. If you’re planning to give an ultra event a go, here are a few tips.

Telegraph Men

I have been a weekly columnist for Telegraph Men since it launched in September 2013.

Here is a selection of some of my articles. To see them all, go to my author page on

Christopher McDougall: humans have forgotten how to be heroes

Christopher McDougall, the figurehead of the barefoot running movement, tells Tobias why parkour & Bruce Lee hold the key to pushing the boundaries of physical achievement

22 MAY 2015

10 things no one tells you before you run the MdS

Featuring over five marathons in as many days, the Marathon des Sables holds more than a few surprises for its dedicated (or foolhardy) competitors, writes Tobias Mews

08 APRIL 2015

Metabolic type testing fixed my ailing body

Tobias Mews gets his metabolic type tested and discovers that a few nutritional tweaks can make the world of difference to a struggling stomach

06 February 2015

You're not a real runner until you've done the NYC marathon

New York City's marathon is a rite of passage for anyone who wants to call themselves a proper runner, writes Tobias Mews

05 DECEMBER 2014

EcoTrail de Paris: the ultra race that leaves no trace

Tobias Mews is shocked to find a trail race in the middle of Paris that takes in the city's major sights - including a 328-step climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower

07 MAY 2015

Would you run a marathon on your honeymoon?

Tobias Mews puts the theory that love knows no bounds to the test by signing up for a marathon halfway through his honeymoon in the Cayman Islands

05 APRIL 2015

What it's like to drive the Dakar Rally

Adventure athlete Tobias Mews reports from the Dakar Rally, where drivers must withstand soaring temperatures while navigating some of the most difficult off-road terrain on earth

19 January 2015

Would you go on an extreme adventure with your other half?

The thought of cycling around the world or sailing the seven seas with your partner might enduce an anxiety attack, but relationships can flourish under extreme stress, writes Tobias Mews

24 NOVEMBER 2014

10 things no one tells you before you run the London Marathon

Experienced runner Tobias Mews offers his words of wisdom on toilet stops, nipple injuries, and the strange taste of the post-race pint

26 APRIL 2015

An epic marathon in Lord of the Rings country

Adventure athlete Tobias Mews tackles the Queenstown International Marathon, a stunning trail race worth journeying to Middle Earth for

25 FEBRUARY 2015

Eight tips for staying active in winter

From night running to 'microadventures', Tobias Mews explains how staying active in the colder months can not only keep you warm, but be invigorating

23 DECEMBER 2014

Dirty Dozen: the toughest obstacle race out there?

Tobias Mews gets down and dirty at the UK Obstacle Course Race Championships - and finds an unpleasant surprise awaits him at the end

04 NOVEMBER 2014

The runner's guide to race fuel

Drinks? Gels? Bars? How much? How often? There are so many questions in the search for optimum in-race fuelling. RW’s Tobias Mews embarks on a quest for the answers.


10 Ways to Survive the Marathon des Sables

Top tips for tackling the desert from the fastest British competitor at the 2011 Marathon des Sables


Ironman Ambitions: Ten Top Tips

Step up to an Ironman with our top ten tips, from planning your nutrition strategy early to joining a club


TW Race Report: Ironman Wales

Tri World's Tobias Mews reports on the inaugural Ironman Wales


Ajram attacks Red Bull 7 Islands – again

Spain’s Josef Ajram has done the toughest races on the planet. His next challenge is even harder, reports Tobias Mews


Could you run an ultra marathon?

If you’re looking to step up from marathon to ultra, but you’re not totally convinced that you can do go the full distance, read on to hear our resident ultra nut, Tobias Mews, explain why anything is possible.


10 tips for the perfect marathon week: Spring Marathon Guide

Race week is finally upon us and all those months of training are about to be put to the ultimate test. Although the hard work is over, what you do in the final week can still make all the difference to a successful race.