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Tobias Mews | Twisted Performance – perhaps the ultimate Land Rover Defender?
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Twisted Performance – perhaps the ultimate Land Rover Defender?

Twisted Performance – perhaps the ultimate Land Rover Defender?

There is something rather magical about a Land Rover Defender. Having owned 3 of them, I still hold a love affair for these amazing beasts!  Indeed, owning a Land Rover is akin to cherishing a priceless piece of art.  The major difference is, you wouldn’t do what one does with a Land Rover as you would your art.

Twisted LandRoverYesterday, I was happily driving along through Wandsworth, when I spotted this magnificent vehicle.  It is almost my dream car.  Heck, I think it might be.  It turns out this very car belongs to Tony Hawk (the Skateboarder) and it has recently been driven half way around the world during the Gumball 3000 Rally.  And to boot, the company that has pimped this Land Rover, Twisted Performance, is based only a few miles away from where I lived near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, when I was stationed there with the Army.

You should check out their website – it’s enough to make you drool.  And they clearly cater for outdoor people like, judging by this rather seductive brochure. I just need to win the lottery or sell a lot of articles!  Or perhaps win a lot of races.

Plus, do have a look at their new Red Landy that’s coming out soon.  Salivating is the word I’d used to describe it!

Tobias Mews

Adventure Sports Journalist, Filmmaker and Athlete