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Memories & Experiences

What I’ve been up to

Below, you’ll find a selection of my thoughts, memories and experiences as well as snippets of news. But for my main blog, please go to

Ambassador for Aussie Grit Apparel

You can call it serendipity. Luck. Chance. Good timing. What ever the word, from the moment I first came across new outdoor apparel start-up, Aussie Grit Apparel, I just knew that I wanted to work with them. And that wish has just come true, as I can happily announce that I've become a brand ambassador for this super cool brand.   Now, if you've not yet heard of Aussie Grit Apparel, don't beat yourself up. They're new. In fact, they only launched their first range, the Flint,...

Listen to Tobias on the Running Stories podcast

As someone who's normally doing the interviewing, it comes as a change to be the one being interviewed. It was with great delight that I was asked if I'd like to talk about my new book, 50 Races to Run Before you Die, in the excellent podcast/radio show - The Running Stories. You can listen to the podcast below or if you just want to hear my dulcet tones, simply skip to 11:15.   ...

Tobias Mews becomes Ordnance Survey 2016 #GetOutside Champion

I love maps. I'm not entirely sure when my fascination with them began as it feels as if they've been integral part of my life since my memories began. But I just love studying contours, looking for routes, finding trails, and learning more about where I am. I also love getting outside and going on on an adventure.   Earlier this year, I decided to enter a competition to become an Ordnance Survey #GetOutside champion. It was a fairly simple process that revolved around making a pledge....

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Getting up close and personal with the Dakar Rally Day 4 of the Mini Adventure

I feel like the fat kind in the preverbial candy store. Around me there’s a plethora of cars, quad bikes, lorries, pick ups and motorcycles that I don’t quite know where to look.  If cars had testosterone, then you’d find them here in Chilecito.   I hear a rumble as something closely resembling the Batmobile drives up behind me, politely revving it’s engine as a hint to get the hell out of its way. Life in the Dakar Camp is nothing but a boys dream. And I’m smack in the middle of it.   The...

Day 3 of the Mini ‘Dakar’ Adventure We drive 400kms from Chepes to Villa Union, via the most magnificent landscape I've ever seen

I was almost relieved by the time my alarm clock went off at 6am. I had an awful night sleep thanks to the sandstorm battering my tent all night. Plus, it was incredibly hot in the tent - stifling to say the least. I simply wanted to get out of this hot and dusty town and get to our next location, which if rumours around the camp were true, would be in a hotel!   So after a brief breakfast at a nearby motel, we grabbed our...

A Mini ‘Dakar’ Adventure – Day 2 – La Posta to Chepes

’40˙C’ is what the Countryman’s thermometer read. I knew it might get hot, but not this hot! It felt as though we were in the preverbal sauna, except fully clothed. And where yesterday, I was jumping in and out of the car, taking photos and exploring anything and everything. Today, as we drove down a particularly desolate and sandy basin, our air conditioning going ballistic in an effort to keep us cool, I had no desire to get out of the vehicle. It was way too hot!



Which was bizarre, because when I awoke this morning, it was exceptional cold. So much so, that I was wearing several jackets. The sky was overcast, the sun had yet to cast it’s warm glow into the rocky enclave that had been our home for the night. But all was to change, because by mid morning, it was sweltering.

A Mini ‘Dakar’ Adventure across Argentina – Day 1

'Stop the car!’ I shout to my co-driver, motoring journalist James Baggott. ‘I’m so sorry, but I’ve got to take a photo - it’s simply too beautiful not to’. In fact, this wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last, where we’d come to a sudden standstill upon seeing a panoramic vista of otherworldly proportions. Until now, I had no idea how beautiful Argentina was. When I first received the invitation to join iconic car brand, Mini, on a ‘Mini Adventure’ through Argentina at...